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Yorkshire based Pink Puffin Kids has created a charming collection of bespoke paper crafted keepsakes and decorations, made for your little ones.  Each item is lovingly designed and made by Paula in her own home amongst her little family, hand crafted for quality and offering personalisation to make each item unique to you.

Paula  has crafting in her family tree with bakers, woodworkers and dress makers amongst her nearest and dearest, but not being able to bake, hammer a straight nail or sew, Paula found a passion for paper craft starting with homemade greetings cards and wedding stationary.

Pink Puffin Kids was born in late 2013 whilst juggling a return to work after having her first child and trying to find a personalised christening gift for a special little man.  Unable to find something suitable in the high street Paula used her paper crafting skills to create her first personalised framed collage with a little jungle monkey, igniting her passion for  children's artwork and decor.

Since then there has been a lot of learning of new paper skills and techniques, building a small business from her kitchen table, immersing in a wonderful creative world on social media, drinking copious mugs of tea, plenty of sleep deprived parenting and bringing another little Puffling into her family.  


Paula aims to create beautiful things with Pink Puffin Kids, to celebrate your precious families, amongst the crazy fun life with her little loved ones.

Keepsakes: A Treasured   Token   Of   Affection.

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Made in England
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